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Detection Service Area

Modern Service System Based on Secure Quality
The detection service area of Shanghai Western Suburb International Trade Center for Agricultural Products (和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 for short) is well-equipped and with multiple functions, providing customers with a set of professional services, including detection and test of agricultural products, administrative law enforcement, transaction circulation, business office, logistics support, etc.

Brilliant Characteristics
Food Safety, Quality First
Shanghai Testing Center of the quality and safety of agricultural products is settled in 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页.
Professional inspection stations are established for the market.
Strict market access system and whole process tracing system of food safety are carried out to control the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.

Professional Testing with Monitoring during the Whole Process
The agricultural products into 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 must be strictly tested and examined in the detection service center, including the source, variety, medication and fertilization of vegetables and fruits. The conditions of livestock and poultry products must be identified and traced, such as the feed formulas, quarantine, slaughtering process, etc.