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Wholesale Trading Area

Create a Great Platform for China’s Farm Produce Circulation
To become the leading domestic wholesale market of agricultural products, 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 attracts guests by big brand, accumulates wealth effect in large scale, facilitates purchases with complete varieties, guarantees food safety to gain and reassure customers.
There are multiple types of products in the trading area, including vegetables, fruits, meat, aquatic products, frozen food, dried food in north and south, grain and oil, etc. They are all wholesome, organic, green and pollution-free. 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 enjoys famous and new improved varieties and goods of medium and high quality at home and abroad.
Relying on the convenient transport network, the agricultural products of 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 are distributed in Shanghai and abroad. They are also popular in the surrounding areas, including Suzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Nantong, etc.
Trading Halls for Taiwan and international business are specially established to provide a professional platform for the display and exchange of agricultural products in Taiwan and at home and abroad.

Exterior Map of Trading Hall

Plan of Trading Hall

Vertical Elevation of Trading Hall

Horizontal Elevation of Trading Hall

Trading Hall in Horizontal Section

Brilliant Characteristics
Spacious Building of Human Nature
Trading Hall: 10m clear height, 10m wide buyer passage
Standard Booth: including trading area(32 m2), office with sanitary facility(32 m2), display area(12 m2), unloading parking space(8m long). On client’s demand, the booth can be flexibly combined by its multiple.

Vehicles part in order and smoothly
Traffic in the Market: one-way clockwise driving, fast and slow lanes separated for the purpose of separation of lanes for goods vehicles and district parking to keep traffic flowing.
Purchases in Trading Halls: access by means of battery vehicles to keep traffic orderly


Classified Refrigerator, Advanced and Complete
Each standard booth can be equipped with a small refrigerator with the maximum capacity of 20 tons for the use of real-time transactions.
Storage-type refrigerators with 1000M3 are established in Phase One. The overall project has also a large-scale refrigerator with 100,000 tons to meet the cold-chain needs of normal, low, ultralow temperatures.
Trading halls for meat and frozen food are equipped with constant temperature and cold-chain systems so that products are always in low temperature environment to effectively prevent the secondary pollution in circulation and to ensure the freshness and high-quality of goods.