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As one of the major projects of Shanghai, 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 Agricultural Product Trade Center (和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 for short) is a modern comprehensive central wholesale market in the Yangtze River Delta. Based in Shanghai, serving the entire country and connecting home and abroad, it serves as the main channel for import and export of agricultural products. 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 leads breakthrough in trading mode and works toward a unique trading market with standardized operation, products security system and updated equipment.

The total area of 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 is 1658 mu (110.53 ha), with a floor space of 450,000 square meters.  All tradings are managed with unified brand, management, accounts settlement and services. The center provides comprehensive service including wholesale trading, exhibiton, distribution, import and export agent, e-commerce and information release, etc. 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 brings together agricultural business around the world and agricultural products in all directions.

和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 is found with the government’s unstinting support, enterprises’ carefully operation and massive social participation. The 8 shareholders are: Bright Food Group Co,Ltd, Shanghai Vegetable Group, Shanghai Cao An Vegetable Basket Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shengyuan Investment Company, Shanghai Dajiang Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fruit Company, Shanghai 和记ag|和记首页|和记首页 Agricultural Product Development Company, and Greenland Group.

It takes advantage from large scale transactions, great trading variety, broad market coverage, strong government support, strict quality inspection, standardized management and user-friendly service. Quality life starts from here and profits pouring in from all sides.